To the outpatient department

For many health problems it will be sufficient to consult your GP. Sometimes your GP needs to refer you to the hospital to consult a medical specialist or to have a medical examination. First, you will visit the outpatient department. Here, specialists have consultation hours for patients who do not (yet) need to be hospitalised. At the outpatient department, appointments are scheduled for any medical examinations and treatments you may need.

Location of outpatient departments

There are several outpatient departments on the Haarlem, Hoofddorp, Hillegom, Nieuw-Vennep and Velsen-Noord sites.

Questions or information

If you still have any questions after reading these pages or if you would like more information, please contact our Patient Information team. You can find them in the entrance hall on the Haarlem South and Hoofddorp sites. You can also give them a call at +31 (23) 224 2060 or send them an email: